February 2023: Morgan presents a poster and Tim gives a talk at the BCMB retreat.

January 2023: Karan joins the lab for second rotation.

October 2022: The Joshi lab wins the BCMB pumpkin carving contest. Great team work by Caroline, Shabre and Morgan.

September 2022: Dibyayan and Asmita join the lab for Fall rotation.

September 2022: Jacob presents a poster at the Discover Day.

August 2022: The Joshi lab receives the NIH R35 ESI MIRA award.

July 2022: Farewell Mia and Congratulations Morgan for receving the T32 award. Mia joins graduate program in Public Health at Duke University.

Metcalf Bottoms Picnic

July 2022: Manasi and Amit publish a review on how nascent lipid droplets form in the ER membrane.

May 2022: Undergraduate student Caroline Chapman joins the lab. Welcome Caroline!

May 2022: Farewell Claire, congratulations to Shabre for ORNL summer intership, and welcome PhD students Morgan and Tim to the lab.

Aroma Restaurant
Bowling at Strike and Spare

May 2022: Jacob receives AURA award.

March 2022: Morgan House begins her rotation. Welcome Morgan!

January 2022: A warm welcome to Spring rotation students Hahley Wiltse and Satavisha Mullick .

December 2021: First holiday dinner party with the lab @Babalu in Knoxville downtown.

December 2021: Welcome Nishita Gogia for your second Fall lab rotation.

October 2021: A warm welcome to Fall rotation students Tim Simmons and Sushmita Khanal!

August 2021: Claire and Liliane present their findings at the Discovery Day.

August 2021: Our microscope LSM 900 with Airyscan 2 is here. Let the imaging begin.

July 2021: Celebrating Claire’s and Liliane’s SURIP award and Bess’s successful completion of REU program.

June 2021: Amit gives a talk at FASEB SRC ER conference.

June 2021: Amit’s paper published in MBoC journal. His work also features on the cover of the journal.

June 2021: We are excited to host REU student Elizabeth Jones this summer. Welcome Bess!

May 2021: Undergraduate honors student Mia Buono joins the lab. Welcome Mia!

March 2021: Claire and Liliane receive the summer undergraduate research fellowship offered by the Office of Undergraduate Research and Fellowships.

January 2021: Undergraduate students Claire Kaple, Liliane Nguyen and Jacob Powell join the lab.

January 2021: Manasi Apte joins the lab as Postdoctoral Research Associate.

January 2021: The Joshi lab opens in the Department of Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville.

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